IESVE Training
For Architects (1 Month)


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Iesve for Architects (1 Month)

Course Information

This is a 1-month special training course in IES VE software. We will teach you simulation techniques and methods to enable more sustainable design practices using the enhanced features of VE software. Attendees of the course will receive a 30-day trial IES license to practice & get hands-on experience. This is the certificate course. After successfully completing the course attendee will get the certificate from IES.

You will learn how to:

  • Model IT (Building modelling)
  • Interoperability
  • Component Editing
  • Sun Cast
  • Flucs DL
  • Radiance
  • Flucs Pro
  • Light Pro


Our on-demand courses are led by experienced instructors who bring their expertise to the digital classroom. With flexible scheduling, our experienced professionals will conduct the webinars and provide limited recorded session access to all the learners.

Why Choose the IESVE FOR ARCHITECTS Course?

  • Specialized 1-Month Training Program

    This course offers a unique and intensive 1-month training program specifically tailored for architects. The focus is on providing architects with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage the advanced features of the IES VE software for sustainable design practices.

  • Simulation Techniques for Sustainable Design

    Participants will be equipped with simulation techniques and methods that enhance their ability to integrate sustainability into architectural design. The course goes beyond basic functionalities, empowering architects to make informed decisions that contribute to more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building designs.

  • Flexible Scheduling and On-Demand Learning

    Led by experienced instructors, the course offers flexible scheduling to accommodate participants' diverse needs. With a combination of live webinars and recorded sessions, learners can access the material at their convenience, making it suitable for professionals with varying schedules.

  • Experienced Instructors

    The course is conducted by experienced professionals who bring their expertise to the digital classroom. This ensures that participants benefit from practical insights, real-world examples, and guidance from industry experts.

Course Curriculum

Clients Testimonial

What Our Loving Clients Saying

Ms. Shruti J.

IES is the perfect place to learn about multimedia. The instructors are very creative and passionate about their work. I am so glad I took the course at IES.

Ms. Hina Shah

I was very impressed with the IES software training courses. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful, and the course material was up-to-date and relevant. I would highly recommend IES to anyone looking for high-quality software training.

Mr. Nitin Jadhav

IES helped me get my dream job as a web developer. The instructors were amazing, and the course material was very thorough. I am so grateful for the training I received at IES.

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Ever find yourself staring at your computer screen a good consulting slogan to come to mind? Oftentimes.